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Can tourists get married in New Zealand?

By Jodie Stuart

Credit: Kate Roberge Photography

If you are dreaming of getting married in New Zealand while you are on holiday we have great news for you - it is super easy for any couple in love to get married whilst in New Zealand.

And the even better news is it is really easy to have your New Zealand marriage legally recognised back in your home country too - yay! In some parts of the world New Zealand marriages are automatically recognised (such as Australia). In other countries it is generally as easy as organising to have your marriage documents further verified. This is something that your celebrant will be able to guide you on.

You just need to make sure you can find a celebrant that has availability and that you have enough time to get your marriage licence issued. The New Zealand marriages office takes up to 3 working days to issue a marriage licence. This can be applied for online by following this link:

It will cost you $150 for your marriage licence, $33 for a marriage certificate, plus your celebrant fee (which will vary between $450-$700 depending on where and when you are getting married).

To find out more about applying for your marriage licence check out our blog here.

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