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Hannah Lind

Hi I’m Hannah, I’ve been a celebrant since 2013 and searching for the ultimate chocolate cake since forever.  


I’m all about #yourweddingyourway - big, small, up a mountain, lakeside, in a hall, at one of Otago’s beautiful venues or on the platform just before your bungy jump… I’m in (but not for the bungy jump bit, I’m a bit chicken!) 

Love is love, and I’m thrilled to be a part of your wedding day whoever you’re marrying.  LGBT+ ally right here!

I offer a variety of packages that reflect how different couples want different things from their ceremony.  

You want quick and easy, great!  You want a ceremony created especially for and about you, great!  

I’m happy to talk you through your options, and provide a lot of resources and guidance on the finer details.


Wherever and however you’re tying the knot, congratulations and happy planning!  And if you want to share that secret delicious family recipe for chocolate cake, my email is below.

Photos provided thanks to: 

Alpine Images, Carla Mitchell, Kate Roberge, Dear Lissy Photography, James White Photography

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